Compare Tata Punch.EV vs Tata Punch 2024

Compare Tata Punch.EV vs Tata Punch

It shocks no one that the Tata Punch is the third best-selling vehicle in India. Tata sold just about 14,000 units of the Punch in December 2023. This little SUV has numerous things to make it work. It offers heavenly worth undermining all conservative SUVs in India. It is quite possibly one of the most secure SUVs in India with a 5-star rating.

It accompanies an extraordinary elements rundown and looks like it for what it professes to be. Over this, it offers great lodge space, arranged ride quality, and an organized lodge. If your spending plan for another vehicle is inside Rs 10 lakh, the odds are high that the Tata Punch will be on your rundown. Be that as it may, this is where it gets interesting.

Tata offers the Punch with a petroleum motor, a CNG, or as a full-electric, making it one of only a handful of exceptional vehicles in India that offer both ICE and electric powertrain choices. Indeed, the Punch EV is estimated considerably higher than the other two, yet you additionally save money on running costs over the long haul. Anyway, is it the Punch EV the Punch Petroleum, or maybe the Punch CNG that turns out best for you? Here is a complete examination of these three SUVs to figure out how they precisely vary from each

Tata Punch.EV vs Tata Punch

Tata Punch EV:

Price: INR 11 lakh
Engine: Electric (87 bhp).
Transmission: Automatic.
Mileage: Approximately 20 km.
Driving Range: Up to 315 km.
Battery: 25 kWh, lithium-ion (placed under the floor pan).
Regenerative Braking, Idle Start/Stop, and Pure Electric Driving Mode features.
Dimensions: Length: 3855 mm, Width: 1744 mm, Height: 1632 mm, Wheelbasesize: 2445 mm.
Seating Capacity: 5.
Boot space: 366 liters.

Tata Punch:

Price: INR 5.99 lakh
Engine: 1199 cc (Petrol).
Transmission: Manual (5 gears).
Mileage: Approximately 20 kmpl(same as punch.ev)
Dimensions: Length: 3827 mm, Width: 1742 mm, Height: 1615 mm, Wheelbasesize: 2445 mm.
Seating Capacity: 5.(same as punch.ev)
Bootspace: 366 liters(same as punch.ev)

  • The Tata Punch.EV vs Tata Punch, and the Punch CNG are similar vehicles, isn’t that so? Notwithstanding, the numbers recount an alternate story. The Punch EV is longer than its partners, however this is down to the unmistakable plan with a custom guard plan for the EV. Width is something very similar across each of the three at 1742 mm yet the Punch EV sits higher than the other two at 1633 mm which isn’t much. Notwithstanding, the Punch EV offers 3mm more ground leeway at 190mm as opposed to the next two. In conclusion, the Punch EV additionally offers 366 liters of boot space, which coordinates with the Punch Petroleum. The Punch CNG just offers 210 liters of boot space as some space is eaten up by the CNG tank which is arranged keenly under the boot floor.
  • The Punch Petroleum and the CNG utilize a similar 1.2-liter Revotron petroleum motor. In any case, the result qualities of the motor are not indistinguishable. The petroleum rendition grows more power and force figures in contrast with the CNG. The CNG vindicates itself by being less expensive to run as it offers more mileage. Pitching the EV with the petroleum and CNG adaptations isn’t a consistent correlation. The Punch EV grows more power, and force and offers a praiseworthy guaranteed range anyplace between 315 to 421 km depending on the variation of decision.
  • As far as fundamental elements, every one of the three SUVs offers pretty much a similar degree of pack. In any case, dig further, and the Punch EV is greatly improved and prepared. Each of the three emphases of the Punch accompanies a touchscreen infotainment framework, journey control, auto headlamps, downpour-detecting wipers, environment control, and a sunroof. However, the Punch EV feels free to offer remote charging, a greater 10.2-inch touchscreen, a completely computerised instrument bunch, cowhide situates, an air purifier, 16-inch composite wheels, and surrounding lighting.
  • The Punch EV is without uncertainty the most stacked of the triplet. As far as the security unit, it accompanies 6 airbags as standard, 4 wheel plate brakes, 360° Encompass View Camera Framework, vulnerable side checking framework, and slope plummet control. The Punch Petroleum and Punch CNG pass up these highlights. Nonetheless, the Punch Petroleum is quite possibly the most secure vehicle in India with a 5-star GNCAP rating for crashworthiness. Interestingly, the petroleum and CNG forms miss the mark regarding some additional security packs. So, the Punch EV is still yet to be tried by a definitive organisation

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Final conclusion is if you go in low range then you have to buy Tata punch petroleum otherwise you can go with Tata punch.ev

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